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New Signage Guidance On The Horizon

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New Signage GuidanceNew international safety signage standards are due to be adopted soon.

International Standard ISO 7010 is set to become a European Normative (EN) Standard, which the UK will need to adhere to.

What is ISO 7010?

ISO 7010 aims to harmonise the graphical symbols used in safety signage internationally so they can be interpreted regardless of language. In simple terms, non-English reading persons in the UK would be able to recognise the signs regardless of the text associated with them, and likewise English speakers in other European countries will understand the same message.

What does it cover?

The most commonly used safety signs to do with accident prevention, fire protection, health hazard information and emergency evacuation. Some examples include fire exit, mind your step or no entry signs.

Will we have to change all of our signs?

Whilst the UK will need to adopt the new signage standards, it is unlikely that businesses will be asked to immediately change all their signs.  When purchasing new or replacement safety signs, it is recommended that these should adhere to the new ISO 7010 Standard.

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