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Metro Safety Supports the Childrens Burns Trust 'Hot Water Burns Like Fire' Campaign

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CBTlogoRGBsmallWe would like to introduce our nominated charity the Children’s Burns Trust (CBT) and the' Hot Water Burns Like Fire' campaign.

CBT is a national charity making a positive difference in three ways:

  • Working with others to raise the awareness of burns and scalds including PREVENTION campaigns
  • Working with NHS professionals to provide direct help and funding for REHABILITATION
  • Giving direct financial SUPPORT to families and hospitals and providing advice and access to burns related information

They receive no government funding and are only able to continue the work they do thanks to the fundraising efforts from supporters.

Hot Water Burns Like Fire

Statistics show a direct link between social deprivation and burns. Babies and elderly people are especially vulnerable to serious (and sometimes fatal) scalds from tap water.  

The Children’s Burns Trust are working in partnership with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, burn care professionals, infection control and strategic health planners:

  • to reduce the number of young children scalded each year
  • to raise awareness of safe temperature levels 

Scalds can occur when a child falls or climbs unsupervised into bath water, when a child has turned on the hot tap or when a parent puts a child into water that is too hot.

Home thermostats are typically set at a temperature of 60° or above. Water at this temperature can cause a full thickness burn in adults in five seconds and even quicker in children and elderly people.

The question that must be asked is; What is the best way to deliver water safely to all people? i.e. hot enough to be disease free and cool enough to be safe to use.

Please take a few moments to look the CBT's webpage, consider the evidence, and see if you agree there is a case for change.

Metro Safety and the CBT

Metro Safety has raised over £8,800 for the trust, as well as providing resources and support for the ‘Hot Water Burns Like Fire Campaign’. Staff have cycled, walked, hiked and more recently hosted a comedy gala night and a bring and buy sale to fundraise for the CBT.

For the remainder of 2013 Metro Safety will continue to support the ‘Hot Water Burns Like Fire’ campaign, and continuing to support with various events and fundraising initiatives.

The CBT gives financial support in two ways, directly to families and hospitals.

Families are supported financially by CBT to assist in making the challenges of living with burn injuries easier to bear. They not only help with medical and treatment expenses, but also to cover emergency travel and costs incurred by the family including replacement clothing, cots and toys following fire damage.

Hospitals are supported by the CBT whom purchase medical equipment for treatment of burns injuries. Some recent examples include; Defibrillators at Chelsea & Westminster £6,500, Distraction Pod Chelsea & Westminster £8,000, Laser Doppler Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital £30,000 and Child friendly theatre trolleys Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead £10,000.

Metro Safety thanks all staff and contributors to our fundraising campaigns, this on-going support provides much needed funding to assist in making a positive difference supporting burned and scalded children and their families through Prevention, Rehabilitation and Support

If you would like to make a donation to the Children’s Burns Trust please visit our 'Just Giving' page:

Metro Safety - Raising Money for the Children’s Burns Trust

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