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Survey Demonstrates Asbestos Management Gaps

Asbestos Survey SmallThe Great British Asbestos Survey 2011 is now published.

The survey is sponsored by UKAS accredited organisations who have the necessary training and experience in all aspects of survey work, including survey planning, resources, technical specification, quality control and ACM assessment criteria.

Its purpose is to collate information on the level of awareness of those not working in the asbestos industry but those that are impacted by asbestos and have a duty to manage buildings that contain asbestos or employees who may encounter asbestos as part of their work. 620 people completed the survey
The results of the survey demonstrate that there are varying degrees of understanding, knowledge and training of the requirements of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 (post survey superceded by CAR 2012). The survey highlighted an alarming lack of awareness of the legal responsibilities among both duty holders - those who own or operate buildings which contain asbestos - and companies/contractors whose employees may be exposed to the material.

Survey Highlights

The survey carried out in 2011 provides a snapshot of awareness levels about asbestos management rules. Main findings were:

  • 35% of contractors say they have disturbed asbestos during their work.
  • 32% of duty holders were not aware of their 'duty to manage' asbestos, which has existed since 2004.
  • 37% of duty holders do not have an asbestos management plan in place.
  • 74% of the  duty holders who did have an asbestos management plan in place review the plan outside the 6 month guidelines detailed in the ACoP
  • 17% of contractors do not request asbestos information from clients.
  • 40% of contractors say they do not receive asbestos information from commercial clients.
  • 60% of contractors say they do not receive asbestos information from residential clients.
  • 25% of respondents had received no asbestos awareness training.
  • 24% respondents did not use UKAS accredited companies to conduct surveys as the guidelines recommend
  • 25% of surveys are not completed in line with guidance.

Full details of the survey can be accessed below.
Download the Great British Asbestos in Buildings Survey 2011

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