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HSE Safety Notice - Management of the Risks From Legionella Within Water Systems

iStock 000002888280MediumThe HSE has issued a Safety Notice targeting companies and organisations that use hot and cold water systems for bathing and washing or in manufacturing processes. It follows a separate notice published in July this year which was aimed at companies with cooling towers and evaporative condensers.

It draws attention to key aspects of the proper management of the risks from legionella in a wide range of water systems such as hot and cold water systems in buildings, spa pools and a range of industrial processes that use water for cooling, washing, misting etc. It emphasises the need to put in place measures to control identified legionella risks and make sure these are reviewed regularly.

The Safety Notice highlights the requirement to carry out a water risk assessment to identify any legionella risks present within the system and the need if risks are identified to:

  • Draw up and put in place a scheme of measures to prevent or control the risks of exposure to the bacteria. The extent and complexity of your control scheme will be dictated by the level of risk
  • Monitor any control measures and keep records of the results
  • Review your assessment periodically to see whether circumstances that could alter the risk have changed
  • Review your scheme of control if the level of risk has changed
  • Make sure that those people involved in controlling the risks (including any contractors) are competent to do so and that their roles, responsibilities and reporting lines are clearly set down.

Read the full Safety Notice here

Specialist knowledge is required to carry out the legionella risk assessment and to devise and implement an effective scheme to monitor and control the risks from legionella. Metro SRM’s water safety consultants are able to provide the guidance and support you need to manage your water safety responsibilities effectively. For more details call 0845 058 9999