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HSE Issues New PAT Testing Guidance

pat testerThe HSE has published new revised guidance on portable appliance testing (PAT) in an effort to stamp out the confusion which currently exists over testing requirements.

It is estimated that office based businesses are currently wasting around £30 million per year on unnecessary testing often due to misleading advice provided by companies offering testing.

Legionella Alert

stethoscopeNews of the recent outbreak of Legionnaires disease has caused concern throughout Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

At the time of writing the total number of suspected or confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease within the area stands at 95, consisting of 48 confirmed and 47 suspected cases. Two people, both with underlying health problems, have died from the disease.

HSE Safety Notice Regarding Vertical Lifting Platforms

stopThe HSE has issued a safety notice to alert organisations with vertical lifting platforms for people with impaired mobility, or passenger lifts installed at their premises as to the potential risks from over-riding safety devices at landing doors designed to prevent access to lifting platforms/lift wells or shafts.

Fire Safety Tips for the Games

olympicbusinesspeopleIt’s going to get rather busy in London over the next few months. With road closures and additional responsibilities, it may take the emergency services longer to respond to urgent calls. You may also be considering changing the way your business or staff operate during the Games.