Expertise is central to all our fire services. Our knowledgeable assessors can draw on their specialist training and experience to help you achieve and maintain compliance. They balance fire safety requirements with practical and commercial needs, resulting in straightforward solutions.

Fire Risk Assessments

Competency is fundamental in undertaking fire risk assessments. Responsible persons need to decide who has suitable training, experience and knowledge to perform these assessments – not always an easy task.

Metro SRM's significant, high-level competency provides our clients with expert assessments, which are designed and personalised to meet a variety of client needs.

Emergency Plans

In a straightforward building, the evacuation procedure could be as simple as the directions on a fire action notice. In more complex properties, there may be a need for a more detailed Emergency Plan.

Fire Safety Training

In addition to ensuring compliance with the Fire Safety Order, fire safety training makes sure your staff are well prepared in the event of an emergency, speeding up evacuation time and reducing the risk to lives.

Fire Warden Training

Nominated staff play a significant part in the successful evacuation of premises. Our courses provide a comprehensive guide for fire wardens and fire marshals, providing them with a thorough understanding of their responsibilities and helping to give them the confidence to carry out their roles successfully.