Health & Safety

There is growing acceptance that effective health and safety management represents good operational practice and is integral to the operational efficiency of organisations.

To comply with legislation and avoid costly litigation, employers and others responsible for health and safety must ensure they do all they reasonably can to provide a safe environment and ensure the procedures and documentation are in place to produce robust due diligence trails.

We are able to offer a wide range of health and safety consultancy services to ensure you remain legislatively compliant and help protect you against potential civil claims or criminal prosecution.

Simple Management

With an increasingly heavy workload and time at a premium, many compliance managers are now looking for easier and less time-consuming ways to manage the potential risks presented by their property portfolios. Our web-based risk management system, SRManager, makes it easy to manage and report on risk actions across your entire portfolio, saving valuable resources and freeing up time to concentrate on other tasks.

Expert Advice

Finding your way through the compliance minefield can be daunting task. Whether it’s a risk assessment, on-site advice, training or developing multi-property reporting systems, our highly skilled, professionally qualified health and safety consultants are able to help you manage your duty of care responsibilities.

Health & Safety Risk Assessments

A risk assessment is not only a legal requirement but it also forms a fundamental step in the successful management of your health and safety. Our Health & Safety Risk Assessments can help to identify hazards and highlight the actions required to reduce and eliminate potential sources of harm within your properties.

Contractor Appraisals

Metro SRM’s Contractor Appraisal service can assist in the vetting of contractors leaving you confident that you are using contractors who are deemed to be working safely and in compliance with current legislation.

Equality Access Audits

We are able to offer a complete Equality Act Access Audit (EAA) of your properties to ensure compliance with the regulations that came into force on 1st October 2010.

Policy & Procedures Manuals

Establishing a health and safety policy that becomes part of your organisation’s culture, values and performance standards is crucial to successful health and safety management. We believe the only effective way to do this is by the development of bespoke health and safety policies and procedures which reflect the individual needs of your organisation.

Health and Safety Training

We offer an extensive range of training courses that can be tailored to suit your company requirements, from general health and safety awareness training through to more in-depth training in particular areas of health and safety responsibility.

CDM Co-ordination

Planning and co-ordinating health and safety requires specialist skills. Our CDM Co-ordination service helps ensure your construction project runs smoothly and keeps you compliant with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

Health & Safety Consultancy

More complex health and safety issues often require specialist knowledge. Our consultants can provide all the professional advice and support you need to help you manage your health and safety responsibilities effectively.